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From a stay at a hot spring inn in the mountains of Japan to sailing on the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean to riding horseback on the pine lined beaches of Sweden, we create bespoke food, photography, & travel experiences all over the world. Our Retreats & Escapes are worlds away where you can relax, nourish creativity, become inspired anew, and connect—with others, yourself, and the world around you. In a digital world where so much is experienced on the screen & life moves so fast, L | M Retreats aims to bring the beautiful photographs to life and slow down time.We strive to show you each place as a visitor, not a tourist, and partner with locals to immerse our guests in authentic culture & cuisine. 

The retreats of 2017 are about unique, experienced based travel, making with your hands, visual storytelling, and helping you set and realize personal & professional goals in order to create the life you want. These journeys are about being present and finding sustenance of every kind—physical, emotional, and creative—where you are, when you're there. 

Our teams are made up of chefs, makers, visual storytellers, writers, and wanderers, and we want to share both our passion for our crafts and what we, as independent entrepreneurs, creatives, and small business owners, have discovered about doing what you love for a living. While we welcome technology as a means to share and connect, the focus of our retreats is not on social media, blogging, or lectures. Instead, these retreats are immersive creative, travel, and culinary experiences. We believe that travel experiences can be transformative, and that an experience shared is an experience multiplied. 

These get-aways are designed to improve your well-being, and our ideal guest is anyone that wants to slow down, recharge, or hone their direction in life all while they explore like a local and enjoy an authentic culinary experience. It's my hope that those of you who join us will walk away with clarity on your path, memories to fuel your creativity, fresh eyes for seeing the world, and lasting relationships. We hope to see you there, where ever there may be. 

In addition to our retreats & escapes, L | M Retreats also hosts small photography, styling, and social media workshops in major cities all over the world for those that want a class based structure. Please note, we now only teach photography, not styling, on the majority of the retreats so that they can be more experience based. We only teach styling in the one day workshops. You can find more details in our FAQ, view galleries of previous retreats & events under Past Events, and preview next year's adventures under Upcoming

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Mastermind 2020


In 2020, instead of hosting individual retreats, we will be hosting one group of creatives & entrepreneurs through a year long mastermind program with 3 bespoke retreats designed to educate & inspire all over the world from Marrakech to Japan to a final surprise location! To learn more about this year long group coaching program and get an application, hop on our mailing list!


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Beth KirbY & Matt LudWikowski

Beth & Matt are the husband and wife team behind L | M Retreats. They met in February of 2015 and immediately connected over a shared passion for farm-to-table food, travel, and design. Married a mere 5 months later and now, having just celebrated their one year anniversary, they welcomed a baby girl, Eualalie Willa, in August of 2016. When they met Matt was the owner & founder of a farm-to-cup specialty coffee company with locations in Chattanooga, TN & Atlanta, GA. With their daughter on the way and a desire to travel hosting & teaching at these retreats as a family, he moved on from his company, and they've joined forces to craft travel experiences & retreats. 

Beth is a professional photographer, stylist, and recipe developer as well as the creator of the award-winning food, travel, and lifestyle blog Local Milk. Her photographs & recipes have been featured in numerous publications including Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and Better Homes & Gardens. In 2014 she won Saveur magazine's editors & readers choice for best photography on a food blog, and her photography & styling clients include Krug Champagne, Organic Valley, Anthropologie, West Elm, KitchenAid, Stonyfield, and many more. She founded L | M Retreats in 2013 in order to bring all the food, hospitality, and storytelling on the blog to life as well as to teach what she learned about making your dreams a reality & taking photographs to tell the story.

Matt is an entrepreneur, coffee educator, and writer. He spent the past five years traveling the world developing a farm-to-cup coffee importer & roaster while building relationships with coffee farmers in Central and South America. He designed and opened two coffee shops and won the 2012 Southeast Regional Brewers Cup Championship, and he’s been published and featured in Imbibe Magazine, Southern Living, Sprudge, Barista Magazine, Fresh Cup Magazine, and Roast Magazine among others. He’s now bringing his wealth of business experience as well as an eye for food & design to L | M Retreats —not to mention brewing the best coffee around each morning!

Our Partners, Guides, & co-hosts

We partner with creatives & locals from all over the globe as guest teachers, local guides, and co-hosts. In the past we've worked with Sanda Vuckovic,  Rebecca Gallop, Skye McAlpineHaruka Sakaguchi, Natasha Siedel, Marte Marie Forsberg, Lean Timms, Luisa Brimble, Rebekka Seale, Carolina FerrerOlaiya Land, Susan SpungenLens & Larder by Imen McDonnell & Cliodhna PrendergastAce Camps hosted by Angela Ritchie, Emma Rice, Signe Bay, Aaron Teece, and Tiffany Mitchell.


We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.
— Anais Nin